Most people don't think yo-yo dieting—repeatedly gaining and losing significant amounts of weight —is great for you. But new research presented this week at the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions 2016 shows just how bad it might be for your overall health. For the study , researchers collected self-reported weight history data from more than […]

No one wants to be embarrassed by those white flakes of dandruff that land on their beautiful black jacket, but it happens because it almost seems like an unsolvable mystery about how to get rid of dandruff. In large part, it’s because most of the so-called dandruff shampoos, while also full of chemicals and unhealthy […]

9 Incredible Benefits of Salmon Fish You May Not Have Known Sushmita Sengupta | Updated: December 15, 2017 13:58 IST Tweeter facebook Google Plus Reddit Highlights Fish gaining a great rep in the world of health and fitness is Salmon Salmon is primarily known for its heart-healthy properties Include the fatty fish in your daily […]

Highlights Cholesterol is found in every cell of the body and has a key function HDL or High density lipoproteins are classified as good cholesterol High cholesterol can cause atherosclerosis or narrowing of arteries Greasy fries, tall burgers, yummy cookies have become an inevitable part of urban living. No matter how you try to steer […]

Highlights Ayurveda has many secrets that can help restore your hair growth and vol Ayurveda has many secrets that can help restore your hair growth Ayurveda expert Dr. Ashutosh Gautam suggests herbs for hair growth shampoos and poor quality of water are factors that are making our hair from bad to worse. Hair fall and […]

Deciding to go carb-free Marko-Poplasen/ShutterstockAfter an indulgent holiday season and a ton of international traveling, I knew it was time to detox my overfed body. In order to erase some damage caused by hearty comfort food and daily charcuterie boards, I decided to live entirely without refined carbs—that is, all sugars and starches that don't […]

The Internet is full of weird but useful information, including quite a few very strange hair hacks (like using bananas for curlers and grape Koolaid as hair toner – what?) These hacks claim to work and surprisingly can be really beneficial for your locks, but for some of them, we are a bit skeptical. So, […]

Include these natural super foods in your diet to boost your overall health Today all of us are constantly running on the treadmill called life. Long working hours, late nights, stress, health problems, family and household responsibilities constantly weigh us down. Some sleep through the weekend to compensate sleep deprivation during the week.There are a […]