10 Must Know Health Benefits of Fennel Seeds

Thinking about adding fennel seeds to your diet? Excellent choice! But what’s the deal with them and what are their health benefits?

Fennel seeds might be pretty small, but they add a kick to dishes and they pack a massive nutritional punch. Among its nutrients are magnesium, selenium, iron, vitamin C, manganese, zinc, calcium, potassium and copper. Over the years, they’ve been studied extensively, with researchers finding that fennel seeds can relieve digestion, prevent diabetes and treat asthma. In India, it’s common practice to chew on a few seeds after a meal but there are other ways to get your fennel fix. For example, you could toss a few into your dishes, while they’re cooking to add some extra flavour. Here are 10 must-know health benefits of fennel seeds.

Fennel Seeds Can Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease

Heart disease is now the biggest killer of American adults and in 2008 was responsible for 1 in 4 deaths. That’s a super scary number but those deaths and heart disease itself can be prevented if you maintain the right lifestyle. It all starts with your diet, of which fennel seeds should play a key role from now on. Because they’re rich in potassium, fennel seeds help to lower high blood pressure. Meanwhile, their dietary fibre content can contain bad cholesterol buildup.

Fennel Seeds Boost Digestion

Perhaps the most well-known benefit of fennel seeds is that they boost digestive health. This will be music to the ears of many of you because indigestion is one of the most common reasons people visit the doctors. Whether you’re suffering from bloating, gas, heartburn or constipation, fennels seeds can help. It’s all down to their anti-spasmodic properties, which can also help to ease the symptoms we associate with irritable bowel syndrome. There has also been speculation that fennel seeds can treat ulcerative colitis and diarrhoea but the research is tentative.

Fennel Seeds Can Treat Asthma

People who struggle with asthma will tell you how, at times, it can affect the quality of their life. Fortunately, there are things you can do to relieve the symptoms, and chewing on fennel seeds is one of them. This is because they contain phytonutrients that clear sinuses, which in turn eases symptoms we associate with asthma. In addition to this, fennel seeds contain expectorant agents that can treat congestion, coughs and bronchitis. That said, there have been studies that show fennel seeds can actually aggravate asthma. The best thing to do is to speak to your doctor before consuming some.

Fennel Seeds Boost Brain Function

Fennel seeds can give your brain a major boost, with studies showing that they improve cognitive performance. This is largely down to their high potassium content.

Fennel Seeds Can Reduce The Stroke

Heart disease is now the biggest killer of American adults. In 2008, it claimed the lives of 25% of Americans. Following hot on its heels is stroke. In other words, stroke is proving to be unstoppable. However, there is a way to prevent it, and it starts with your diet. Eating more heart-friendly foods – such as fennel seeds – can reduce your risk of developing heart disease. Fennel seeds are good for your heart because they contain lots of fibre, which can help to lower your bad cholesterol levels. This is important because the higher your bad cholesterol levels are, the more at risk you are of stroke, atherosclerosis and heart disease. As well as chewing on fennel seeds, you should also exercise regularly to improve your cardiovascular health.

Fennel Seeds Look After Your Eyes

We all care about the health of our eyes. But how many us can say that we’re doing enough to preserve our vision via our diet. What you eat can literally make or break your long-term vision, and because fennel seeds can boost the proper dilation of your blood vessels while alleviating eye pressure, they should be a mainstay of your diet from now on.

Fennel Seeds Reduce The Risk of Colon Cancer

Thanks to their high fibre content, fennel seeds are able to lower cholesterol and reduce your risk of developing colon cancer.

Fennel Seeds Can Combat Bad Breath

Bad breath isn’t nice when it happens to us and it can affect out self-esteem. However, if you happen to get bad breath after a meal, the simple solution is to chew on a few fennel seeds afterwards. Munching on these chewy seeds freshens up your breath and gets rid of any nasty smells that could ruin your (and other peoples’!) day. More than that, because fennel seeds contain anti-microbial agents, they can also eradicate the germs that cause non-food related bad breath. There are other ways fennel seeds can help you orally. For example, their anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents can ease sore gums.

Fennel Seeds Can Help You Lose Weight

One of the main reasons people put on weight that they subsequently find hard to shed is because they eat too much during meal time. This is where fennel seeds come in handy. Because they suppress appetite and make you feel fuller, they can prevent you from eating too much at the dinner table. When it’s time to stop, they’ll let you know! As well as this, fennel seeds fire up your metabolism, which in turn ensures you burn more fat faster. And because fennel seeds are a diuretic, they also help to cut down water retention which reduces bloating and further weight gain.

Fennel Seeds Can Help To Ease Menstrual Issues

There are a few reasons for why your menstrual cycle might run into problems, especially with timing. A poor diet rich in sugar and bad fats is one, while stress is another. Fennel seeds, on the other hand, can help to keep your menstrual flow in check so that you’re always “on time.” It also contains phyto-oestrogen’s that reduce issues like breast enlargement, menopausal disorders and pre-menstrual syndrome. Moreover, fennel seeds can also ease a painful menstruation and may even be able to boost lactation in mothers who are nursing.

Stay happy!